Raqt - 2013


Revolving around Sonia (Sweta Bharadwaj) and Suhani (Sheena shahabadi), the film is about the fatal obsession of an adopted daughter for her mother?s affection. Sonia is a single mother who adopts her sister?s daughter when her sister and brother-in-law die in an accident due to her carelessness.

Sonia, along with her maid Maria (Farida Jalal) pampers Suhani to not let her miss her parents. This has an opposite effect with Suhani developing an obsessive relationship with her. She will let nothing come between her and her mother.

Unaware of her child?s problem, Sonia becomes a careerwoman not focusing on her personal life beyond Suhani. She becomes a successful heroine. One day, Suhani sees Sonia and a friend arguing. She kills him, and Sonia takes the blame and is jailed for seven years.

Suhani is in a hostel and hates the ambience. She kills Bobby, a lesbian who wants her, but is saved by a medical report that states death due to drug overdose.

Sonia comes back and tries to make live easy for Suhani. She settles in a remote place, where psychiatrist Yuvaraj (Gulshan Grover) who likes Sonia discovers that Suhani has a major psychiatric problem. Suhani hates Yuvaraj?s attention towards Sonia and feels she will be sent to a hostel, again away from her mother. And she sees Yuvaraj learning the truth about her from Maria.

Suhani kills Maria. Yuvaraj who loves Sonia wants to help her and Suhani and tries and make this look like a normal death. But can he really help her? Will Yuvraj able to save himself and cure Suhani? Is there really a cure to this killer obsession?
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Cast & Crew

Adi Irani, Shiva Rindan
Ashish Mishra, Amit Mishra
Ranjeev Verma, Adi Irani, Shiva Rindan
Dabboo Malik
Panchhi Jalonvi

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