Rog - 2005


Inspector Uday Rathore (Irfaan) is given the murder case of model Maya Solomon (Ilene). The prime suspects in this case are Maya?s friend Harsh (Suhel Seth), a happy-go-lucky journalist, and Maya?s fianc? Ali (Himanshu), a rich man who parties hard.

As Uday goes about fixing the pieces of puzzle in Maya?s murder case, he becomes fascinated with the dead woman. He begins to spend most of his time in her house ? looking at her photographs, reading her diaries and letters. What?s more, our ?supercop with an acute investigative mind? begins to drink in her home and sleep on the cushions where she once used to sleep.

And one day, Maya appears before him in flesh and blood.

An interesting twist! But the story thereafter sags down and begins to test the patience of viewers.

Rog marks the directorial debut of Himanshu Brahmbhatt. Although he has cleverly spiced the movie with a mix of suspense and sleaze, the film remains a ?neither-here-nor-there? till the very end, which leaves little impact.

Ilene Hamman looks gorgeous and has a natural flair for carrying her sexual appeal, but she is poor at acting. Her histrionic shortcoming ? often obliterated by her ?eye-catching? curvaceous body ? becomes apparent in contrast to Irfaan Khan?s intense and polished performance.

Had it not been for Irfaan, Rog would?ve ended as a sleazy and feeble suspense thriller.

Cast & Crew

Himanshu Brambhatt
Pooja Bhatt, Sujit Kumar Singh
M.M Kreem
Sayeed Quadri, Neelesh Misra

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