Sadiyaan - 2010


During the 1947 partition, the Lahore based family of Rajveer (Rishi) and Amrit (Rekha) has to flee Pakistan and settle in Amritsar, Punjab. In the house that they get to stay, Amrit finds an abandoned baby boy of the Muslim family who owned the house but fled to Pakistan because of communal riots. Amrit raises the boy as her own and he grows up to be Ishaan (Luv).

During a summer camp visit to Kashmir, Ishaan falls in love with Chandni (Ferena). When he goes to her house to ask her hand in marriage, her father (Deep Dhillon) and uncle (Ahmed Khan) tell him to forget her as they are against her marrying a Hindu boy. When Amrit and Rajveer come to know about this they finally declare the truth to Ishaan that he is a Muslim in reality and not their own child. He doesn't believe them and Chandni's parents refuse to believe it without proof. The old couple then decide to track Ishaan's real parents down and also succeed. Ishaan's real mother Benazir (Hema Malini) comes down with his real father (Javed Sheikh) to take back custody of a now grown up Ishaan. Chandni's parents immediately agree to the marriage when Ishaan's real parents visit their house.

What complications arise when Ishaan's parents start making plans to take back Ishaan and his bride back to Pakistan and how they are handled by the principal characters forms the rest of the plot.

Cast & Crew

Raj Kanwar
Raj Kanwar
Adnan Sami
Sameer, Amjad Aslam Amjad

Sadiyaan Movie - Songs

Raja Hasan

Man Mouji Matwala

Jadoo Nasha Ehsas Kya

Sona Lagda Ve Mahi Sona Lagda

Dekha Tujhay Jo Pehli Baar

Waqt Ne Jo Bij Boyaa

Taron Bhari Hai Ye Raat Sajan

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