Shikhar - 2005


This is a film about the conflict between those who adhere strongly to traditional Indian values and a breed of young Indians that have sprung up, wanting to get rich fast by any means.

Shridhan Vardhan (Jawed Sheikh) is the embodiment of traditional Indian values. An Industrial magnate, he steps out of his business to become a social crusader. Shridhan Vardhan, or 'Guruji' as he is now called, has one obsession: the upliftment of the tribals in the Sahyadrris.

Gaurav Gupta (Ajay Devgan), on the other hand, is a man who has sold his soul to wealth. He dreams of usurping the Vardhan Empire. But what Gupta has not reckoned with is the steely determination of Guruji.

There is a weak link that he can exploit ...Guruji's only son, Jaidev Vardhan (Shahid Kapur), a fresh graduate, unspoilt, vulnerable and ripe for Gupta's scheming manipulations. Striking up an acquaintance with the unsuspecting Jaidev, he proposes that they work together on an image build-up for Vardhan Industries.

Gupta plans a huge advertising campaign to be shot in Singapore. A large unit of models and crew are taken to Singapore . For Jaidev it's a whole new experience as he falls in love with one of the models (Bipasha Basu). Jaidev is completely mesmerized by the charming, smooth and suave Gupta , who introduces Jaidev to the world of wealth ...and Jaidev begins to slip.

Whether Jaidev will stick to the values that he has been imbibed with or go astray is what the film is all about.

Cast & Crew

John Mathew Matthan
Saanjoy Bhattcharjii
Mani Shankar and P. Sameer
Sudhakar Sharma

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