Shootout At Wadala - 2013


In a police van, an gangster named Manya Surve, grievously injured with a bullet-riddled body, narrates his story to ACP Afaaque Baaghran (Anil Kapoor).

Manohar Surve alias Manya (John Abraham), is a decent student of Kirti College. He is equally good in studies and in nature. Whilst presenting his girlfriend Vidya (Kangna Ranaut) to his mother to discuss their marriage, Manya is interrupted by his older step-brother Bhargav Surve. Bhargav is a gangster who is after an underworld don named Bhaskar (Ranjeet). Soon enough, Bhargav is attacked by Bhaskar's goons, and beaten up. Manya jumps in to save him and the two brothers end up killing one of the goons. The duo are arrested and land up in Yerawada Prison. In prison, another convict named Munir (Tusshar Kapoor) saves Manya from being attacked by a goon named Bakhiya, during lunch time. In this assault, Bhargav is killed. Munir befriends Manya and the another convict named Baashu, trains Manya to become stronger.

Manya trains and trains, then eventually challenges Bakhiya for a fight. Bakhiya accepts, and Manya takes the lead by staying in front of Bakhiya during the whole fight. Soon enough, Bakhiya backfires and beats Manya up, in which response, Manya stabs Bakhiya to his death. Here on, Baashu names Manya as the new boss of the prison. Later on, both Manya and Munir escape from the prison, and try to tie hands with two brothers who rule Bombay's deals. The first brother, Zubair Imtiaz Haskar (Manoj Bajpai) is a cool, yet angry mobster who is impressed by Manya. However, the second brother, Dilawar (Sonu Sood), disapproves of Manya and dislikes him. In the midst of all this, ACP Afaaque Bhaagran is on the hunt for both the brothers, and soon adds Manya to his list.

Cast & Crew

Sanjay Gupta
Sanjay Gupta, Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor, Anuradha Gupta
Sanjay Gupta, Hussain Zaidi
Anu Malik

Shootout At Wadala Movie - Songs

Aala Re Aala - Song

Laila - Song

Babli Badmaash - Song

Ek Din Ke Liye - Song

Yeh Junoon - Song

Aye Manya - Song

Goli - Song

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