Shwaas - 2005


Marathi film Shwaas is the first feature film by director Sandeep Sawant, who is quite a known name in Marathi parallel theatre for his ?one-act plays?. The film has won the National Award 2004 as the ?Best Feature Film?.

Shwaas is India's entry for the 77th Academy Awards (Oscars) in the best foreign film category.

A thought-provoking film about human spirit, relationships and hope, Shwaas tells a moving story against the backdrop of a bustling city and an idyllic setting of a village on the western coast of India.

Old man Vichare (Arun Nalavade) and his seven-year-old grandson Parashuram (Ashwin Chitale) live in the village Parule. All is well until Parashuram begins to feel some trouble in his eyes.

Vichare takes his grandson to the city to consult Dr Sane (Sandeep Kulkarni), an eye specialist. After a series of tests, the child is diagnosed with Retino-blastoma, an eye cancer. Doctor Sane suggests a severe treatment that could lead to a lifelong blindness for the kid.

A shaken Vichare refuses to acknowledge the truth about his grandson?s diagnosis at first, but is finally convinced for the treatment. Even as the grandfather struggles through the situation courageously, the little child slowly begins to comprehend his situation and readies to face his fate with courage.

In director Sandeep Sawant?s words, Shwaas is a film that does not limit to the three characters (grandfather, grandson and doctor) but touches the human spirit from many sides. The film aims towards a very positive approach towards life altogether.

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