Sniff !!! - 2017


Sunny Gill (Khushmeet Gill) is a schoolkid whose olfactory nerve is non-functional. Thus, he can't smell anything. The doctors are unable to cure him but one day, his blocked nose opens up after he sneezes. Suddenly, now he can't just smell but he can also sniff things from a couple of kilometres away. Using his newfound power, Sunny exposes a gang of car thieves after a car belonging to a society resident Mr Kumar (Rajesh Puri) gets stolen. However, Kumar's car is not found. How Sunny manages to nab the culprit forms the rest of the film.

Sniff !!! Movie - Songs

Naak - Video Song

Aur Kitni Door - Video Song

Jai Jai Ganaraj - Video Song

Dekhti Kya Hain Aankhen - Video Song

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