Solid Patels - 2015


Tom Patel and Jerry Patel are no less than real life animated characters and have stepped into a haphazard Mumbai life laced with comic paradox and meandering aimlessness. Living together in a rented apartment in the pits of Mumbai, they find themselves jobless, trying to make their ends meet and their only hope being sheer optimism.

The story takes flight with Tom owing Mr. Joshi a lumpsum, the hiccup being that Mr. Joshi's daughter (Hetal) is also his girlfriend. Mr. Joshi disapproves of Tom and serves him an ultimatum; he must return his money within the next two weeks. On the other hand, Jerry's difficulty resides in his nagging, problematic girlfriend (Aliya) who pesters him incessantly to get married.

To solve his problems, Tom gets involved in an obnoxious but curious 'Get-Rich-Quick' scheme! Unfortunately the plan goes haywire; Hetal finds out about it and threatens to end things with him. Mr. Joshi, on the other hand, demands his money persistently. Hence, Tom plots another plan where they begin a swindle by catching hold of Ramnik Patel, a rich Gujarati NRI who has been in love with Jerry's Rita Bua, for ages. Not only does Ramnik agree to send the money, but also travels all the way to India and lands up at the Patel residence to meet her! But where is Rita Bua? Nobody knows... Thus starts the journey of madness, laughter, laced with an emotional oscillation - in short, the craziest roller-coaster ride ever.

Cast & Crew

Saurabh Varma
Ranjit Thakur
Rahul Patel
Hanif Shaikh
Hanif Shaikh

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