Ssukh - 2005


When a major shareholder of GA Advertising wants this firm to advertise a milk-based product, he expects the Manager, Patwardhan, and his staff to come up with a fresh innocent face. A hapless Patwardhan cannot think of anyone more fresh nor innocent looking that his Book-keeper, Chandraprakash Sharma, who immediately agrees to his boss's request. Chandraprakash subsequently brings his wife, Sushma, to meet with Patwardhan, and several photographs are taken of the couple, which are then made into posters to be displayed everywhere in the city. All goes well, until Patwardhan finds out that Chandraprakash is not as innocent as he looks, for the woman he introduced as his wife, is not his wife at all but a woman named Bhavna Verma, who has recently applied for a divorce from her husband, Rakesh,and is on the verge of inheriting a whooping 10 crore rupees from her late grandfather.

Watch how a hapless Chandraprakash attempts to stop the posters from going public, and keep his real wife from finding out the truth.

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