Super Nani - 2014


Super Nani is the story of Bharti Bhatia (Rekha) whose every waking hour is devoted to looking after the smallest need and praying for the betterment of her family comprising of her corporate czar husband (Randhir Kapoor), a son who is a wannabe stock market bull, a daughter-in-law who aspires to be the next soap-opera queen and a daughter with ultra modern values.

She selflessly performs her duties only to get ridiculed, humiliated and treated like a door-mat by her family.

An exciting tale begins when Mann pays a surprise visit to his Nani, Bharti Bhatia, in India. Opposite to his expectations of seeing a strong lady who holds command in life, he sees a soft and dormant lady who is commanded by all. This annoys him. So he decides to make his Nani's sad boring life turn into a fun roller coaster ride.

A failed photographer cum film maker, who had come to India with a hope to transform himself into a successful person, he decides to first transform the life of his inspiration, Bharti Bhatia. He dresses her up, makes her realize she is stunning, clicks her pictures and circulates them in various ad agencies.

By doing this he wants to re-invent the real Bharti Bhatia, the one who never gave up. He makes her realize, that the age of 60 is not the end of life, in fact it's a new beginning. This way, a dormant Bharti Bhatia gets a new awakening in life.
As a result, the family which hid her face from the world, abandoned her from various social events, is today the face seen in every household and is the reason for various social events. The lady who once used detergent powders in her kitchen is today the face of that detergent brand in every kitchen.

It's a treat to watch how this sudden transformation from an ideal Indian housewife into an ideal household products' brand ambassador makes the ever-embarrassed husband into a possessive one and makes the "mom you don't interfere" kind of a daughter into a "mom what should I do now" kinds. It is surely a true inspiration for all the women to watch and learn how an ordinary their-like lady who danced around for her family makes her entire family dance around her as a super model of the ad world.
'Super Nani' gives a strong message to all the women that their power lies within themselves; all they need to do is discover and use it.

The journey of Bharti Bhatia is definitely a one to be experienced, as the fun, laughter, tickles, and tears of happiness will leave you with a light heart and a changed mind.

Cast & Crew

Indra Kumar
Indra Kumar, Ashok Thakeria
Vipul Mehta
Harshit Saxena, Sanjeev Darshan
Sameer, Sanjeev Chaturvedi

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