Tera Intezaar - 2017


Raunak [Sunny Leone] is on a desperate hunt for the love of her life Veer [Arbaaz Khan] who has been missing from two days. In a bid to find him, Raunak comes across a form of an exorcist [Sudha Chandran] who is referred to her by her sister and brother-in-law [Hanif Noyda]. Raunak goes on to reveal all the details about her story to the exorcist, about how she came across Veer who is a painter and had made her painting even before she met him.

As they fall in love amidst beachy locations, Raunak being a gallery owner who also organizes exhibitions, expresses her desire to exhibit Veer's paintings to the world. To crack a deal she sets up his meeting with her gallery's permanent clients Vikram [Arya Babbar] who does business with his partners who are his girlfriend Alina [Bhani Singh] and Bobby [Salil Ankola].

Veer, who doesn't want his work to be misused, quite reluctantly decides to show one of his works to the business partners headed by Vikram but this only leads to further drama in Raunak's life.

A sudden attack by the partners, who become greedy to acquire all of Veer's works that are apparently worth millions, leaves Raunak unconscious after which Veer goes missing.

The rest of the film revolves around Raunak's desperate attempt to find the truth behind Veer's mysterious disappearance and also the disappearance of Vikram and his business partners.

Cast & Crew

Raaj Aashoo
Bijal Mehta, Aman Mehta
Raaj Aashoo
Shabbir Ahmed

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