The Film - 2005


Fact and fiction; life and dreams; strife and success; endurance and intolerance... and a madness called creative vision... all come together when you dream a film.

The Film is such a love-child.

The Film is the story of seven youngsters with varied talents but one ambition ? to make it big in the celluloid excel in the industry of Dream-makers.

The Film showcases, very poignantly, the relentless strife of seven young strugglers whose brilliance and enthusiasm is comparable only to their overwhelming desire to excel.

Our protagonists are a talented bunch...they are ably equipped in the various aspects of film making. And they are waiting in the wings for that One Big Break!

But often the wait becomes too long and too tiresome. And when sincere efforts seem to go awry desperation sets in.

Let's make a film!

And the money? Where would that come from...?

O that can be arranged...!

Can it?

Wait & watch...

The Film

Cast & Crew

Junaid Memon
Junaid Memon, Amitabh Bhattacharya
Samidha Khalid

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