The Last Lear - 2008


What does a 65 year old man do? Sit at home and enjoy the fruits of retirement? If you are Harry (Amitabh Bachhan), you are at home, relishing vodka, pondering over why has the world gone mad, busy making a doorbell that only Einstein can ring and chanting Shakespeare without a worry in the world. No, he's not crazy. Just passionate. A little unpredictable. Slightly pompous. A wee bit whimsical. Totally adorable. Harry lives with his resilient partner, Vandana (Shefali Chhaya), and together, they don't care a damn for social sanction. Harry lives for acting, loves theatre, adores Shakespeare and absolutely detests cinema. He feels that it is an apology in the name of art. Harry and Vandana are living happily in the cubbyholes of Kolkata, oblivious and invisible to the world. In walks one day Siddharth (Arjun Rampal). A young, cool and stubborn director. He is smart, Harry finds out on the very first meeting. No one else could have cracked that doorbell. He is glad to have found a cerebral partner to have a conversation with. Harry has no idea that Siddharth has a film on his mind and Siddharth has no clue how tough this ride is going to be. He soon finds out that to please Harry, he just needs to like you. That should be easy. So he plays along.

As they bond over coffees, vodka and conversations, well, stuff happens. When Harry decides to do the film, he changes the lives of everyone involved. Siddharth feels his job is done. In reality, it's only just begun. Shabnam (Preity Zinta), his co-star, picks up tips on acting, Shakespeare and happy living. She could do with all of that, considering her stumpy acting skills and messed up personal life. The film set becomes a happy, lively place. Laughter echoes in the mountains. New relationships blossom. And then comes along an event that will change everything - the shoot, the mood and the relationships. No one remains the same once they have met Harry. Despite all odds, Harry will sail through this tough situation.

He is Harry, you know. No one can hate him.

Cast & Crew

Rituparno Ghosh
Planman Motion Pictures
Raja Narayan Deb, Sanjoy Das

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