The Window - 2017


The Window is a drama about an artist's struggle between staying true to his art and giving in to the ruthless reality of life. Lekh fights with his own demons of angst, arrogance, selfishness, and denial while not being ready to compromise with the art that he thinks cinema is.
LEKH is a 31 year old man, who is living in a borrowed apartment on borrowed money. He is filled with doubts about his future and his life decisions. He hates his wife, AYESHA, for cheating on him and leaving him for another man. He is angry at his separated parents for ruining his childhood and youth.
He is angry at people for ignoring him despite his talent and hard work. And he is angry at himself for getting into this mess.
IRFAN, Lekh's only friend and agent, gets Lekh an assignment to write a remake of a Telgu blockbuster. Lekh detests the idea. When Irfan threatens to stop lending him money, and breaking off his friendship, Lekh agrees to write the script. But Lekh's hits the writer's block. Unable to write, Lekh becomes infatuated with a mysterious girl he sees from his gallery. Lekh finds out that the girl is being held captive by her brother in the apartment. Lekh decides to rescue the girl and he starts getting deeper
into the dark world of the girl. Lekh tries to gather his life together as he struggles with writing the script, being a responsible son and a brother, making his living, dealing with his wife's memory, and rescue the woman from her own family.

Cast & Crew

VK Choudhary
Swarndeep V, Amit Jain, Suresh Kodnani

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