Tishnagi - 2018


Karan moves to Mumbai to work as a computer engineer where he immediately catches the eye of his female boss. As he leaves office, he bumps into Rahul (Aryan Vaid) and immediately saves his life by beating up gun-toting goons. As he drops Rahul home, he also manages to impress Rahul’s sister by repairing her computer. It’s clear that Karan is a Swiss Army knife of sorts who can love, fight and repair computers. He also harbours a dark secret, that is made evident nearly on in the film that he is a doll-breaking, serial killer who goes on a stabbing spree with a tiny knife whenever he is taunted by any girl. As our strapping hero indulges in multiple love affairs and bodies start to pile up, inspector Rahul faces pressure from his seniors to catch the serial killer.`

Cast & Crew

Sameer Khan
Jayant Ghosh

Tishnagi Movie - Songs

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