Trikal - 1985


Set in 1961 Goa, when colonial rule of Portuguese was on its last gasp, the movie revolves around the life and tribulations of a fictional Goan Christian family called "Souza Soares".

Liberally sprinkled with dashes of humor, this is a fast-paced comedy about a family and their friends who lived through the transition of Goa from a Portuguese colony to a district governed by India. Ana (Sushma Prakash) is about to become engaged (unwillingly) to the unappealing Erasmo when her beloved grandfather suddenly dies. Her grandmother is so overwhelmed by grief that Ana?s engagement is put on hold indefinitely (along with everything else) while granny tries to contact the spirit of her dead husband. But her wires get crossed each time and instead of grandpa, she brings forth ghosts of people the family has wronged in the past. Meanwhile, Ana?s real love is hiding out in the cellar. As Ana?s marriage to Erasmo draws near, she faints dead away because (as he soon finds out) she is pregnant, but not by him. These and other events are revealed in flashbacks as a former resident in the house returns to visit 25 years later.

The film shot in the ancestral home of Mario Miranda, at Loutolim, Goa.

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