Turning Point - 2018


TURNING POINT is inspired by an incident that took place in Gujarat in 1992. Some girls working in a diamond factory go for a picnic and it happens so-called bus blast and all girls die. Among them, there is Saguna, sister of hero Ramdev. Saguna was dreaming Ramdev as a superi¬or officer. Saguna's death brings a turning point in Ram¬dev's life and he becomes a Raw officer. But he is always disquiet about past bus accident. Once Ramdev comes across some suspicious, un-traced call from Dubai. To reach to the root of this call he has to take leave for some days. He hardly can manage some break from duty. The very next day he finds the call traced from an Orphan Ashram and Ramdev decides to prevent any conspiracy run by some organization. Ramdev enters the Ashram as a defense trainer. During this training, he falls in love with the Netal who is caring for orphan children. Despite death efforts, Ramdev fails to rescue some Ashram girls who are being trafficked by some Dubai organization. Ramdev again arises from the mouth of death. He and his team encircle Dubai and keep eyes on their footprint. During this tight investigation, Ramdev collides to a ten years old Sofiya and this scene leads Ramdev to one more TURNING POINT. He also comes to know about the mastermind behind both in¬trigues.

Now Ramdev has to liberate 1992 accident girls as well as Ashram girls. After enormous efforts, he succeeds in this mission but he does not let those criminals spare behind bars but beheads those involved criminals.

Cast & Crew

Sudhirdurlabh Tandel
Dinesh Ramana
Kirit Patel, Sanjay Mishra

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