Uff Yeh Mohabbat - 1996


St. George's College in Bombay has two sweethearts namely, Chiclet (Saddiya Siddiqui), and Raja (Abhishek Kapoor), until Raja sets his eyes on Sonia Verma (Twinkle Khanna). But Sonia will have nothing to do with him. The college students plan a trip to Sikkim, Northern India, and everyone gets to go, except Raja, so he decides to go on his own. Once in Sikkim, Sonia and Raja do get attracted to each other and fall in love, which enrages Chiclets, and she schemes to break-up their relationship, to the extent that Raja gets arrested by the Police; and Sonia thinks Raja is blackmailing her dad, who is dead-set against Raja having to do anything with his daughter. But Chiclet's vengeance does not stop here, she has more in store for Raja and Sonia.

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