Unforgettable - 2014


Unforgettable is a love story based in the UAE. Anand Kumar (Iqbal Khan) is a rich man who is in love with Nisha (Hazel Crownee). However, his mother (Usha Bachani) does not approve of this liaison. In fact, she has finalised Anand?s marriage with Roshni in India. She leaves for India, taking a promise from her son that he would soon join her in India for the wedding. With a heavy heart, Anand agrees because he loves his mother very much and doesnt want to hurt her feelings. His mother is a heart patient and any form of tension is life-threatening for her.

Cast & Crew

Arshad Yusuf Pathan
Zafar Shah, Zarah Shah
Sujeet Shetty

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