UnIndian - 2016


As romance blossoms between two individuals who belong to completely different worlds, UnIndian humorously brings forth the intricacies of cross-cultural love story.
Independent, fierce and absolutely Indian is Meera. Being a single mother, she is busy dealing with the teenage phase of her daughter and lives with her cliched Indian parents. While it is her second marriage that is a major concern for her parents, Meera is more than happy with her lifestyle. Belonging to a completely different world is Will, an Australian who falls for the strong willed Meera and after a lot of persuasion, finally manages to win her over with his charm. However, a cliched Indian family is not very convinced with their daughter's choice of a 'firang' son-in-law and to add to the drama is the entry of Deepak. Caught amidst cultural differences and as yet another series of twists unfold, will the Will-Meera love story manage to withstand these obstacles?

Cast & Crew

Anupam Sharma
Anupam Sharma, Lisa Duff
Thushy Sathi
Salim Merchant, Sulaiman Merchant

UnIndian Movie - Songs

Holi Sequence - Song

Judaiyaan - Song

Soona Aangan by Gul Hora - Song

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