Vishwatma - 1992


Vishwatma is the story of a man named Prabat Singh (Sunny Deol) who is an honest and dedicated police officer. He usually has no time for his family and his father is constantly at loggerheads with him. His father believes in peace and opposes bloodshed and disturbance in the country. Prabat is currently on a mission to apprehend the most dreaded crime lord Ajgar Jurrat (Amrish Puri) who lives in Kenya but operates in India. Things take a turn for the worse when Prabat kills Ajgar?s brother in an encounter. An angered Ajgar abducts and kills Prabat?s school-going brother. Prabat?s family is devastated and his father blames him for his brother?s death. Prabat?s father disowns him from the family. Meanwhile, one of Ajgar?s men turns against him and threatens to turn him in to the police. Fearing his arrest, Ajgar has the man, Madan Bhardwaj (Mangal Dhillon) killed on the night of his wedding. Ajgar?s son also molests Madan?s wife, leaving her traumatised. Thus, Madan?s brother Akash Bhardwaj (Chunky Pandey) swears revenge on Ajgar.

But Ajgar flees to Kenya and it?s almost impossible to bring him back to India in order to try him in court. So, the police commissioner (Dalip Tahil) decides to look for Prabat as he is the only one who can achieve the impossible. Prabat moves to a remote corner of a distant village in India after his dad disowns him. Prabat?s dad also changes his mind and decides to go to persuade Prabat to take on the mission to bring Ajgar back to India.Prabat agrees to take on the mission but insists that Akash also join him. Akash agrees as well. And they fly all the way to Kenya on a mission to bring the dreaded criminal to justice in India. There, Prabat and Akash find Madan?s sister-in-law Renuka (Sonam) who?s also on the same mission. She helps them get to Ajgar. But this task is not as easy as they may have thought as Ajgar is a respected citizen in Kenya. Prabat and Akash seek the help of another honest cop, Surya Pratap (Naseeruddin Shah) to apprehend Ajgar. However, Surya Pratap thinks Ajgar is an honorable man. Akash falls in love with Ajgar?s daughter, Sonia (Jyotsna Singh) and Prabat falls for Kusum (Divya Bharti). Renuka falls in love with Surya, despite knowing he has a daughter. Surya?s wife committed suicide while Ajgar?s son tried to molest her. When Surya learns that Ajgar?s son was the reason behind his wife?s death, he sets out to take revenge against Ajgar as well.

Finally, the trio succeeds in apprehending Ajgar and his men and bring them to India. And all ends well.

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