Wajahh - 2004


Dr. Aditya Bhargava (Arbaaz Khan) is a well respected neurosurgeon. He is also deeply in love with his wife Trishna (Gracy Singh).

Dr. Aditya Bhargav: Big name in Medical field, a very busy doctor, Married more to his profession .He loves his wife but is unable to devote time to her and feels very guilty for that.

Mrs. Trishna Bhargav: A very understanding lady who knows the value of her husband's talent and emotions. She sacrifices every thing for her husband, but at times feels lonely and has no one to express her feelings to.

On their fifth marriage anniversary, Trishna receives an information which comes as a shock to her, She comes to know that there is a third person in Aditya's life!!!!.Thereafter her life changes totally. A series of incidence leads her to believe that some one is out to kill her. She has no one to turn to and can trust no one including her husband. She lives under constant fear and paranoia. Mysterious knocks at nights, a shadowy figure , and attacks on her life my mysterious persons only add to the suspense.

In one grand party, a Palmist - Mr. Raj (Zulfi Sayyed) seeing Dr. Aditya's hand predicts that he is going to kill his wife, This does not help Trishna's relationship with her husband and from then onwards there are many incidents in their life, which shatter them. Shocking incidents prove that Aditya is really trying to kill his wife; her friends; the Police and Trishna are all of the same opinion. But what is the reason to kill? that is "Wajahh - a reason to kill."

The film also stars Zulfi Syed, Sudesh Berry, Satish Kaushik, Vijayendra Ghatge, Zahid Ali and Akruti Mistry. Anand Raj Anand has composed the music of the film, which also has a bhangra track by Daler Mehndi who also puts in a special appearance in the film.

The film offers you edge of the seat suspense designed to chill you right down to your spine mixed with good music, drama, comedy and action sequences that you will remember for a long time to come.

Cast & Crew

Gautam Adhikari
Markand Adhikari, Anand Pandit
Anand Raj Anand

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