When Obama Loved Osama - 2018


Aman Osama, a modern Muslim man living in Agra, had always been bothered by his honest father suffering at the hands of the corrupt system. This suppressed angst gives rise to a disorder in him. Being a Nana Patekar fan, he gets so influenced by his persona that he starts emulating him sub-consciously whenever he gets angry. Whenever he becomes emotional or angry, he becomes a character played by Nana Patekar from his films. He turns back to his normal self when somebody hits him on his head. Because of this disorder, he flees away after stealing money from Tina, a bar dancer.

Aman’s cousin Joy is a Christian who is in love with Shaheen, a Muslim girl who happens to be the daughter of Jaffar Abbasi, a politician. Abbasi tells Joy he will get him married to his daughter if he campaigns for him in the election and gets him the votes of the Christians. Meanwhile, Aman also falls in love with Maggi, the daughter of MLA Sagar Obama. Obama asks Aman to campaign for him so that he can woo the Muslim voters. When Aman and Joy share their ordeal with each other, they hatch a plan that will solve both their problems together.

Cast & Crew

Sudhish Kumar Sharma
Jaivindra Singh Bhati, Chaman Gupta
Kashi Richard, Rishabh Sambhav Jain
Shweta Raaj, Rishabh Sambhav Jain

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