With Love... Tumhara - 2006


With Luv... Tumhara is a young girl's dilemma in expressing her love & hiding the pain in her tumultuous life.With Luv... Tumhara is a movie that emphasizes the need to give happiness to others. The main protagonists in this emotional opus share secrets and the essential conflict that they face help to shape a poignant love story that is unique, believable. The movie has music fine-tuned by Sudeep Banerjee.
With Luv... Tumhara spotlights Anuradha (Preeti Jhangiani) in a rather disturbed frame of mind with Rahul (Pravin Dabas) always being in the house, as he reminds her of Akshay (Nakul Vaid).

Anuradha desires that Rahul should leave the house and go away from her life. He agrees to, but unfortunately disaster strikes in the form of a heart attack and he is forced to stay back.

On the other hand, Neha (Verma), Rahul's fianc?e demands that he return to her as soon as possible. To complicate matters, Colonel Kapoor recovers and comes back home. A growing fondness for Rahul ensues and Col. Kapoor begins to believe that God has sent his son back in the form of Rahul!

He proposes that Rahul and Anuradha should tie the knot as Anuradha too has a right to start life afresh. But before matters can fructify, Neha shows up and takes Rahul away from this scenario.

After this incident, Anuradha decides to work for an NGO and gears up to depart for Delhi. As she is readying to leave, Rahul returns after having a fight with Neha.

He bares his true love and feelings for Anuradha, but she turns him down by declaring that Akshay is yet her only love and that she will not accept another man in his place. Anuradha leaves for Delhi leaving a distraught Rahul behind.

When she returns after a few months, Anuradha finds the Col. to be cheerful and positive with his life at home. Matters unveil when the Col. discloses that Rahul had left the army and had been completing all her unfinished social work whilst staying with the Colonel. The subject of marriage rears its head once again.

On overhearing the conversation, Rahul opts to leave silently fearing Anuradha's rejection. He doesn't want to face the heart-wrenching situation once again.

But the Colonel makes Anuradha aware of the true love that she would be spurning. Anuradha takes heed of matters, realizes Rahul's true love for her and the sacrifices that he has made to win her heart. She decides to stop him. But it's too late.

Rahul is gone!

Does Anuradha manage to find Rahul'

Will Rahul ever come back into her life'

The answers to these.. and more questions.. will be unveiled by With Luv ... Tumhara.

Cast & Crew

Kamal D. Nathani
Rakesh Bhatia
Sudeep Banerjee
Vicky Nagar

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