Yatra - 2007


Dasrath Joglekar (Nana Patekar), a celebrated writer travels to Delhi to receive the prestigious Literary Award. During the journey he meets a young film maker (Nakul Vaid), an ardent fan of Dasrath?s writing and the encounter brings back memories from the past. Both of them travel back in time, remembering characters from the Dasrath?s celebrated novel Janaza, reconstructing the true story of the novel protagonist ? Lajvanti (Rekha) from their own perspective. Fact and fiction merge together to create a new journey.

After the gala award ceremony in New Delhi, Dasarath begins another journey in his new novel, while the nostalgia of the previous one haunts him.Dasarath disappears from his hotel. Tension mounts in his family and associates.

Memories from the past and passion brings him to Mehendi galli where people flock to listen to mujras. The entire area has changed. Lajvanti alias Lajobai has become Miss Lisa, presenting popular film songs numbers to entertain a new clientele. Dasarath?s sudden appearance is a great surprise for Lajvanti. The character of his novel Janaza comes alive in an unexpected juncture.

Lajvanti shows her reverence to Dasrath by singing melodies from their past. Fate accomplices another journey into the unknown is created. Is this fact or is it fiction, created by filmmaker Mohan for his forthcoming film called Janaza.

Cast & Crew

Gautam Ghosh
Bipin Vohra
Gautam Ghosh, Khayyam
Ahmed Wasi, Naqsh Lyalpuri, Sanjeev Tiwari

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