Zahreelay - 1990


After his left arm gets amputated due to a critical injury; Captain Jaswant Kumar tender his resignation with the Indian army and goes to live with an activist, A.V. Razdan in Shanti Nagar. Shanti Nagar is terrorized and hold to random by tyrants like Peter Gonsalves who owes intelligence to a notorious criminal, Taneja.

Unable to witness this Jaswant partnered by his taxi-driver friend, Raju Varma attempts to bring them to justice albeit with considerable progress. This then trigger Taneja to hire professional killer, Rakka to get rid of Jaswant and Raju but they end up befriending Rakka. Ironically a surprise awaits Jaswant and Raju when they will find out the real reason why Rakka befriends them and this will change their lives forever.

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