Zindaggi Rocks - 2006


On a rainy night in Dr. Rihan, workaholic, meets Kria, in his hospital?not realizing his life is about to change forever. She?s quite the opposite of him ? loud, mad, pathologically friendly, a musical genius?an extremely popular Singer and also a woman who doesn?t ever take ?no? for an answer.

Kria forces the introvert doctor to come out with her and her equally mad family! As much as he resists, he finds himself being swept by this tidal wave of friendship and fun. Kria has a son of 12 years, who?s smarter then men twice his age; she has a mother who?s a hard nut to crack, from whose lips a smile hardly ever escapes, who is like a strict schoolmistress; and there isn?t just one of those ? there are two! The mother has a twin sister, who?s giggly, a lover of good wine, and lots of fun, who likes to make faces behind her stern twin sister?s back! This motley crew suddenly invades the doctor?s sad life and changes it around a hundred and eighty degrees

Kria & Suraj are deeply in love and then comes a time when they face a painful situation where Suraj is faced with the biggest crisis in his life as is Kria. It?s the sort of crisis that makes people?s real personalities come out, questioning the very cores of their being. What will he do? Will she succeed in what she wants? Will love triumph?

These are the questions that get answered in the latter part of the story. The intense drama that deals with these difficult situations forms the crux of the climax which leads to a deeply emotional and heart-renching end. Whatever the final outcome, however, love finds a way?it always does.

Cast & Crew

Tanuja Chandra
Anuradha Prasad
Anu Malik
Mudassar Aziz

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