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Selestina Production and Nemi Raj Productions' Luv Shv Pyar Vyar is basically a story about a rich girl and a poor boy. The poor boy happens to be Rahul (Gaurav Ajay Kaura), who falls in love with a rich girl named Ruby (Dolly Chawla). For the reasons obvious, Ruby's parents become dead against the love story which prevails between Raj and Ruby. Being the dutiful daughter, Ruby obeys her parents' wishes of her not meeting Rahul. On the other hand, in a state of frustration, Rahul lands up at Ruby's house and runs away with her. Later, Ruby confesses to Rahul that she is pregnant with his child. After that, while Ruby's father gets Rahul killed by his henchmen, Ruby manages to deliver Rahul's love child. What happens after that is what forms the rest of the film. Read More

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Luv Shv Pyar Vyar - Trailer

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