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Y-Films' Bank Chor is about three amateur men trying their hand at robbing a bank. These three men include Champak (Riteish Deshmukh), Bhuvan Arora (Gulab) and Genda (Vikram Thapa). Just as when these three men enter a bank to rob it, they are surrounded by a tough cop Amjad Khan (Vivek Oberoi). On the other hand, when the trio are in their act of robbery, the whole news gets covered by the able journalist Gayatri Ganguly (Rhea Chakraborty), who tries to protect the trio. What is the reason for Gayatri Ganguly to protect the three robbers, what ultimately happen to the trio and their tryst with law and what was the reason for the three men to rob a bank is what forms the rest of the story. Read More

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