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Raunak [Sunny Leone] is on a desperate hunt for the love of her life Veer [Arbaaz Khan] who has been missing from two days. In a bid to find him, Raunak comes across a form of an exorcist [Sudha Chandran] who is referred to her by her sister and brother-in-law [Hanif Noyda]. Raunak goes on to reveal all the details about her story to the exorcist, about how she came across Veer who is a painter and had made her painting even before she met him. As they fall in love amidst beachy locations, Raunak being a gallery owner who also organizes exhibitions, expresses her desire to exhibit Veer's paintings to the world. To crack a deal she sets up his meeting with her gallery's permanent clients Vikram [Arya Babbar] who does business with his partners who are his girlfriend Alina [Bhani Singh] an... Read More

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Tera Intezaar - Trailer

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