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Bobby plays Jeeva, a young, embittered killer, neighbour to his honewali victimised girlfriend, Kiran played by the rather abusive Rani Mukherjee. Kiran's family environment is completely screwed up and she has only an elder brother she can count on, TV artiste Sachin Khedekar. Kiran's dad has major links with the kingpin of the local drug trade. He cheats the narcotics officer played by Ashish Vidyarthi in superb form, only to get killed by him. Kiran, though escapes, since she is at Bobby's. The two witness the murders through the keyhole. Kiran wants to report to the police but instead gets herself into trouble when the officer finds out that the girl has survived.? Kiran comes to stay with Jeeva and what's more, the two fall in love, after much song-and-dance. After a few straight rip... Read More


Gali Guleiyan

Laila Majnu


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