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From the looks of it, you'd feel that MORNING WALK is about senior citizens/septuagenarians, but director Arup Dutta crams the film with so many sub-plots that the film loses focus. It's like starting at Churchgate, but instead of heading towards Virar, you end up at Thane. Okay, let me explain. Had the director stayed loyal to one story [the senior citizens' concern for each other], it would've been an emotional experience. But the story changes gears pretty often. In the beginning, you feel that it's a bahu [Divya Dutta] versus father-in-law [Anupam Kher] saga. Later, the young couple [Shayan Munshi, Nargis] start singing songs and the focus shifts to the love story. Towards the end, it's back to the senior citizens and the twist in their lives. The plight of the senior citizens was be... Read More


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Morning Walk - Trailer

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