Priyanka Chopra Aids India?s Nuclear Policy

Most men?s hearts go nuclear when they see Priyanka Chopra on screen and she may not know this, but Priyanka is an influential figure in India?s plan to develop the nuclear power industry over the next twenty years. The South Australian PM, Mike Rann, is a big fan of hers and likes to visit India every year. He is helping to persuade the Australian government to increase uranium shipments to India. Australia intends to quadruple its production of uranium in the next few years as the world goes nuclear as the oil market declines.

Priyanka, who recently won the Filmfare Best Actress Award for her role in Fashion, will be taxing her skills to the limit in What?s Your Rashee? where she plays a dozen different roles opposite Harman Baweja. She?s just finished filming scenes in Chicago. "It was more masti than work,? she says, ?We chose this time to shoot in Chicago because the script needed snow. And we got it in plenty. I loooooove the snow. And since I've a lot of family in America, I called them over to Chicago. It was more fun than work really." Priyanka was educated in America at the John F Kennedy High School in Massachusetts. She intends to take a two-week holiday after filming ends for the movie.

Priyanka stopped off in Italy and had her footprint recorded at the Salvatore Farragamo Museum in Florence. Salvatore, who was known as the shoemaker to the stars, was the personal designer for such people as Eva Peron and Marilyn Monroe. "Salvatori's son, Leonardo, who manages the family business, hosted a dinner on Tuesday at his home in my honour,? explains an excited Priyanka, ?The museum has foot casts of famous personalities like Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren and Drew Barrymore. And now it has my foot cast too. The Ferragamos are going to send me custom-made shoes regularly and of course, their bags."

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