Diana Hayden Miss World crown 1997


When 24-year-old and 5'8" height, Diana Hayden won the Miss World crown in Seychelles in November, was she just reiterating the fact that Indian women are the most beautiful in this world? Yes, for Indian women seem to have almost made it a habit to win beauty crowns at regular intervals.

She was born and brought up at Secunderabad and attended St.Ann's High School there. Her family split up at a very young age, and her mother and brother moved to Bombay with her, while her Father remained at Hyderabad.

She touched base in Bombay in 1992. Nineteen ninety four saw her in Bangalore, working for the event management company, Encore. she did do a couple of fashion shows in Bangalore besides her brief stint in Bombay.After a recuperative period, she moved back to Bombay and flirted with modelling until BMG Crescendo came along.Diana helped establish the artistes management division.

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