Kimi Katkar


Kimi kept a low profile though her role opposite The Big B in Hum brought her into limelight. She preferred a quiet married life to the razzmatazz of the tinsel world by tying the knot with photographer Shantanu Sheroy.

Actress of yesteryears Kimi Katkar has agreed to do a show on the small screen although she has been refusing offers from Bollywood.

The chumma-chumma lady will co-host a food show along with the famous Karen Anand. Besides recipe formulae, this show will cover related fields like hospitality, nutrition and home care.

Kimi Katkar started her career in movies in the eighties with Patthar Dil (1985) and then Adventures of Tarzan (1985). She appeared in many movies like Insaniyat (1988), Kala Bazaaar (1989) and Ustad (1989).

She appeared opposite Amitabh Bachchan in Hum (1991) in which the song Chumma Chumma was picturised around her and became popular. Humlaa (1992) and Siyasat (1992) were among the last movies that she was seen in.

She may be seen in the movie Shantaram which is based on a book by the same name.

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