Laila Rouass


Born in London to Moroccan-Indian parents, Laila counts her mixed parentage as a blessing because it gave her useful insights into different cultures and ways of life.

Laila: Arabic translation = night. Also, from the Arabic version of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet.

Encouraged by two successful aunts - one a ballerina, another a film maker - Laila embraced the world of entertainment from an early age. Before turning eighteen, she had embarked on a successful modeling and acting career, traveling the world with her work. Laila has modeled for the French couture house, Chanel, besides featuring in international television commercials. She also acted in pop videos for Terence Trent D'Arby, Aswad and John Hall.

Lived in Morroco, Mumbai, London and Paris.

Although Laila has featured in pop videos, she became a VJ purely by chance. While in Bombay, shooting on location for the tele-film 'City of Dreams', she met CHANNEL [V]'s Head of Promotions. Before she knew it, she was auditioning for CHANNEL [V]. "For modeling, you have to be photogenic," says Laila, "but being a VJ is much more than being a pretty face; you have to project your whole personality."

VJ Laila presents CLOSE-UP CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, CHANNEL [V]??s dating game with a difference, where lonely hearts vie for the chance to meet their perfect match.

Laila's ambition is to star in a Quentin Tarantino movie - but she would also settle for a walk-on role! She loves books, traveling and clubbing. Her ideal man is a mixture of Muhammad Ali and Eric Roberts (Julia's brother) and her favourite music artists are Cheb Khalid, Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

She makes a pretty picture alright. But Channel V veejay Laila Rouass wants to do more. The lady's moving behind the camera to produce Juice, a dance show that will showcase hip hop, soul and funk music. "The idea is to let the viewers have a party of their own at home," says a V spokesperson. And for all those fans who can't stop staring at the stunner, not to worry. Laila plays the host as well. What does the pretty producer have to say? "It's a great break. The music I get to play is just my kind of stuff." So we'll get to see this babe do her own number

The oh-so-sexy veejay makes her acting debut in Senso Unico, an Anglo-Italian film about a Pakistani girl in Italy. She has just starred in a movie named "Split wide open".

Channel [V] veejay Laila Rouass is all set to get a taste of conjugal bliss. She is currently busy planning for her marriage to long-time boyfriend and Morocco's World Cup soccer player Hadji. Ecstasy is written large over her face as the half-Moroccan half-Goan girl finds it hard to camouflage the thrill of getting married to the man she loves. While the marriage is scheduled for later this year, honeymoon has happened earlier. The couple is away on a vacation to Australia right now. But not content with just one thing to look forward to, Laila is also planning to open a Goan restaurant in Casablanca.

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