1:13:7 - Ek Tera Saath - 2016


A manic depressive prince, Aditya Pratap Singh (Ssharad Malhotra) not only believes in ghosts, but spends the better part of his days chatting up with them. His palace is a bastion for spirits, with the aatma of his recently deceased wife Kasturi (Hritu Dudani) topping the list. As Aditya sinks deeper into delirium, a man is killed in the palace and inspector Suryakant Singh (Deepraj Rana) begins investigation. In the meantime, Aditya’s friend from the US, Sonali (Melanie Nazareth), comes visiting and almost falls in love with him. However, she is chased away by the jealous ghost of Kasturi. Just before intermission, the movie changes track so violently, that you’re not sure whether it’s a thriller or your brains are just being picked.

Ssharad’s character -- of the brooding prince Aditya -- is so flat, it’s laughable, and not in the places where the director meant you to laugh. A decent actor, which a decade worth of TV acting can vouch for, Ssharad is relegated to playing a role that can be best defined as the caricature of a prince. His co-actors Hritu and Melanie have little to offer, as far as performances go. They could easily have played each other’s roles and no one would have noticed. Deepraj as the suspicious inspector is another character who will leave you truly baffled, once you realise who he actually is.

Cast & Crew

Liyakat Ajmeri, Sunil Singh
V. Nazareth, Pradeep K Sharma
Liyakat Ajmeri, Sunil Singh
Dr Devendra Kafir, Turaz

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Pakeeza - Song

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