2 Chehare - 2015


A taxi driver sets out on a mission to seek revenge from the one who ruined his family and in the process of saving his family meets that one man who can help him in his endeavor.

Ballu, a taxi driver lives a content life with his wife and brother Ajay in Pune. While the young and handsome Ajay gets married to Radha, his college rival Vicky plans to destroy him and in the process ends up killing him. In order to overcome the grief, Ballu and his family decide to shift to Mumbai. However, Ballu comes across the look alike of Ajay, named Babu who is a goon hired by Vicky s father Bhandari to threaten another business tycoon Suraj Prakash, the latter s enemy, asking him to stay away from a land auction. The plot further twists, when Ballu ends up saving Babu s life after he is attacked by Suraj s gunmen. As the saga further turns into a war between Suraj Prakash and Bhandari, it is upon Babu and Ballu to save their family and avenge the death of Ajay.

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