3 Deewarein - 2003


Three guys, a woman and an almost Utopian prison... these are the five elements that vie for top billing in 3 Deewarein. There's an underlying struggle for one-upmanship between them all through the movie, but ultimately each one of these five elements manages to hold its own.

The film is set in a jail that breaks all clich?s - there is no tyrant jailor, no pot-bellied-pan-chewing-constable, no sookhe rotis in aluminum plates and nuh-huh, not even bug-infested cells locked with deadbolts. What we do have is Mohan (Gulshan Grover), the jailor with who doesn't mince words and has a heart of gold; prison food, with sambar that surpasses even the kind brewed at home; and one large common dorm for all the prisoners with a picturesque view of the full moon - every night!

Inside the teen deewarein (and one iron gate) you'll find the home to an eclectic mix of convicts - among them, best-buds Jaggu (Jackie Shroff) and Nagya (Nagesh Kukunoor). Jaggu is a refined and articulate lawyer spouting English poetry (no, he doesn't quote from Shakespeare - he writes his own verses). An

unlikely friendship springs between him and Nagya, a Hyderabadi-boy-next-door who worked as a clerk before he was sentenced to the slammer. The two are joined by the suave Ishaan (Naseeruddin Shah)? a superb smooth-talker who could just probably convince Dubya that there's such a thing as intelligent decision-making.

What brings the three of them together? Well, they're the only three inmates who have been sentenced to death - Jaggu and Nagya for murdering their respectively adulterous and nagging wives, and Ishaan for a murder during a bank-robbery.

Cast & Crew

Nagesh Kukunoor
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