404 - 2011


A prime Medical Institution. A world renowned Professor. A new student ?Abhimanyu? who defies his seniors and the practice of ragging. A secret that is locked forever.

Professor Aniruddh is impressed with Abhimanyu?s rationality and tenacity when he decides to dispel all rumours and moves into a room that has been forbidden for years.

What follows is an intriguing story about a Professor who denies the paranormal and believes only in Science, and a bright young student who battles with his conflict of illusion and reality.
Is what Abhimanyu sees real or is his mind playing tricks?

Is the Professors conviction that ?its all in the mind? enough to convince the once rational Abhimanyu that what he sees is not real?or is it???

Do you believe what you see
??or ??..see what you believe?

Cast & Crew

Nameeta Nair
Prawal Raman

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