Aadhaar - 2021


The film revolves around Pharsua, resident of village of Jamua, and his aadhaar (resident identification) card ID, issued by the Indian government. Villagers are suspicious that the government will collect their information and monitor them, so they show no interest in the new ID card despite the benefits that accrue to ID cardholders. Pharsua volunteers and he becomes the first person in the village to receive the new aadhaar card and is a star.

But one day, the village priest predicts that the serial number on his ID card will soon cause the death of his wife, and Pharsua starts on a journey to save his wife. Now getting his ID number changed is of utmost importance to him, but it becomes an inviolable and unchangeable absolute number since it has been entered into the system. Pharsua wails about the unfairness of his ID number, but no one outside of his village listens to his pleas.

Cast & Crew

Suman Ghosh
Manish Mundra
Suman Ghosh, Amitosh Nagpal
Shantanu Moitra
Amitosh Nagpal

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