Aaghaaz - 2000


The story begins in Mumbai city, when Sunil Shetty (Govind) and his sister arrive from Punjab, but it gradually goes into a flashback, where Sushmita Sen (Sudha), a police officer, is shown in love with Sunil. But Suman Ranganathan is the girl whom Sunil is eventually forced to marry due to circumstances.

Suman Ranganathan, who plays Sunil's wife, is the daughter of Sunil?s guru. Sunil marries her to protect the reputation of her family, when she gets pregnant with another man's baby. But since he is in love with Sushmita, Sunil does not treat Suman as his wife. Suman confronts Sushmita and also asks her brother, Sharad Kapoor, to intervene, who warns Sunil of dire consequences.

But Sharad is unaware of the fact that the baby Suman is carrying is not Sunil?s, but someone else's. When Sharad learns that Suman has lied and Sunil is not to blame, he feels that Suman has no right to live, because she is also responsible for their father's death, apart from creating a tussle between Sunil and him. So on Karwa Chowth, Sharad poisons the food and feeds Suman with his hands.

The story takes a dramatic turn in the second half when Sunil's sister is raped. However, Sunil does not go out killing the rapists. There are five hundred people in the residential complex who have silently watched the episode take place and it is these very people that Sunil takes to task. In the end, all of them get together and take the villains to task.

Aaghaaz Movie - Songs

Man Tera Mera Man

Dil Dil Aawara Dil

Nav Nav Lakha

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