Aar Ya Paar - 1997


Jackie is a con-man who marries Kamal Sidhu, a rich parentless, womanfor her money. His marrriage is a failure as both characters have verydominant personalities, so our hero has an affair with his wife'ssecretary Deepa Sahi. The husband and the secretary scheme to kill offthe rich brat and inherit her money, but little does Jackie no that heis being betrayed by Deepa.

It is a very novel and potentially entertaining movie, but as I saidearlier Ketan does not know how to handle the characters. Mr. Mehta'scharacters need to be much more energetic and fun to watch. As is, itis like watching a bunch of zombies enact the roles.

Cast & Crew

Ketan Mehta
Ketan Mehta
Viju Shah

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