Aisa Yeh Jahaan - 2015


Revolves around a family with different ideologies, who strive to survive amidst the concrete world of urban lifestyle.

A nature loving, Assam-based Rajib Saikia finds it difficult to adjust amidst the polluted and concrete world of Mumbai, while his wife Ananya, on the other hand, loves the city and strives hard to be a part of the high society. Their daughter Kuhi who visits their village in Assam with her parents, is impressed by farming and decides to plant a mango tree at her residence in Mumbai. While she gets her wish fulfilled with the help of their family maid Pakhi, her mother Ananya sketches a rather different picture for her daughter. She makes Kuhi a popular child model in a bid to earn money and as Kuhi gets influenced by the world of technology, her love for nature too takes a backseat. How Rajib tries to inculcate values in his daughter and rekindle her passion for mother nature is what forms the rest of the story.

Cast & Crew

Biswajeet Bora
Maya Kholie
Biswajeet Bora
Dr. Palash Sen
Deekshant Sherawat, Dr. Palash Sen

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