Amma - 2003


Facts are indeed stranger and sometimes more shocking than fiction. Amma is based on a heart rendering true story of a real life character. With the miraculous deeds of our real life super heroes getting stale and indigestible, Amma is a realistic depiction of an ordinary woman?s stunning battle against the horrifying uncertainties of life. If you ever come across the real life character `Amma? she will leave you speechless and stunned.

She will engulf your mind and heart completely, you might hate her or even venerate her but ...... you will never be able to forget her. She is utterly unpredictable, one can never tell how she would react to anything, and the extent up to which she can go is beyond one?s realm of imagination.

Cast & Crew

Sunil Batta
Sunil Batta, Anil Goel, Gyan Prakash
Uttam Chatterji

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