Anamika - 2007



Anamika is the most intriguing romantic mystery of our time.

Anamika begins when Vikram Aditya Sisodia who owns Gajner Palace in Rajasthan comes down to Mumbai for an international convention with a proposal to convert his palace into a resort. He runs into the naive and nubile Jia Rao, an escort whom he falls in love with. But before he marries Jia, he reveals that it would be his second marriage and his first wife Anamika had died under unfortunate circumstances. When Jia lands up at the picturesque Lake Palace of Gajner, two things hit her... the size of the place and the comparisons she draws to the beautiful socialite first wife Anamika.

Driven by a complex, she sets out to transform herself into Anamika much to Vikram?s dismay... for it is not the kind of memory he preferred to revel in. And when Vikram?s brother-in-law, a state cop, accuses Vikram of having a hand in Anamika?s death, the mystery deepens. Torn apart from Vikram, hounded by the memories of Anamika and wondering whether Vikram had actually killed his wife, Jia faces a dilemma of life, love and death. Her only confidante seems to be Malini, the governess of Gajner who is helping Vikram convert the palace into a resort.
And then things start happening... Sanjay, the alleged lover of Anamika surfaces, an unusual thundershower makes Jia confront the spectre of Anamika and a sandstorm throws up the most shocking secret of the palace.

The revelation comes as an absolute shocker for Jia. She finds herself facing the same fate as Anamika... death. Will she become another memory... will Vikram be responsible... what is the stunning truth behind those palace walls.

Cast & Crew

Anant Mahadevan
B. L. Sharma
Anu Malik

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