AndhaDhun - 2018


Akash, an apparently blind pianist, is attempting to finish a musical piece. He lives with his cat and often encounters a child who tries to find out whether he is really blind. Akash is knocked over while crossing the road by Sophie, who is impressed by his talent and gets him an engagement at her father's diner, where former actor Pramod Sinha notices him. Pramod is married to Simi. He invites Akash to perform for their wedding anniversary. Sophie and Akash get into a relationship. Akash arrives at Sinha's flat, Simi opens the door. Simi, convinced that Akash is blind, lets him play the piano. Akash sees a body nearby but feigns ignorance and continues to play; he also sees Inspector Manohar hiding in the bathroom. When he returns to the piano, Akash identifies the body as Sinha's. Simi and Manohar clean the body and stuff it into a suitcase while Akash plays.

Akash tries to report the murder but discovers that Manohar is an police inspector. Simi kills Mrs D'Sa in Akash's presence. Akash is forced to continue feigning ignorance of the murders. He admits faking his blindness as an experiment to help his piano playing when Simi pours poison into his coffee and pulls out a gun. He says he will leave for London and will keep Simi's secret but she drugs him. Sophie sees the neighbour's child recorded a video of Akash acting like a sighted person. When she checks on him, Simi arranges things to look like she and Akash are having sex. Furious and heartbroken, Sophie leaves Akash. When he wakes up he is blind from the drug Simi gave him. Manohar decides that blinding Akash is insufficient so he returns to Akash's home to kill him. Akash struggles to the road, faints and is taken to an illegal organ harvesting clinic.

Dr. Swami and his assistants Murli and Sakhu decide to spare Akash and help him obtain the money needed to reverse his blindness. They kidnap Simi, stage a suicide scene, and blackmail Manohar; Murli and Sakhu, however, double-cross Akash, tie him up with Simi, and plan to take the money themselves. Manohar shoots Murli but is trapped in an elevator and accidentally shoots and kills himself. The money is revealed to be counterfeit. Simi help Akash free himself and he removes Simi's blindfold. He tries to escape, while Simi frees herself and attacks him. Dr. Swami enters; he and Akash knock Simi out, tie her up in the boot of a car and drive. Swami reveals his plan to harvest Simi's organs, who has a rare blood type, for US$1 million and pay for Akash's corneal transplant, which Akash declines.

Two years later at a gig in Krakow, Poland, Sophie meets Akash, who still appears to be blind. He tells her Simi awoke in the car boot and began making noise; when Swami stopped the car, she overpowered him and seized the wheel. Akash, thinking Swami was still driving, continued trying to persuade him to release Simi. She dropped Akash off and tried to run him over when a stray bullet fired by a farmer shattered the windscreen. Simi loses control of the car and was killed. Sophie tells Akash he should have accepted the doctor's offer and used Simi's corneas to restore his sight. Silently, Akash leaves and uses his cane to knock a can out of his path.

Cast & Crew

Sriram Raghavan
Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
Sriram Raghavan, Arijit Biswas
Amit Trivedi
Jaideep Sahni

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