Andolan - 1994


Now Andolan is a typical formula film. It starts out well enough with the frothy foursome of Sanjay dutt-Somy Ali and Govinda-Mamta Kulkarni Adarsh (Dutt) is a pleasant, simple youngman - all for the good, clean life. Aniket (Govinda) is an orphan picked up from the streets who lives with Adarsh and his father and mother as an equal member of the happy family.

But things take a dramatic turn when Adarsh's dad (Vikram Gokhale) is brutally murdered by the underworld gangsters of Baba Nayak (Ram Reddy) who has inturn been hired by corrupt industrialist Sabra (Dalip Tahil). That's when Adarsh decides to turn a ruthless and rich don himself, in order to avenge the killing of his father. Even the restraining pleas of Aniket (who is now a London-returned engineer) cannot stop Adarsh's violent, bloody vendatta.... Who wins... and at what price? Find out in this two-pronged 'andolan' !

Cast & Crew

Aziz Sajawal
Sajid Nadiadwala
Nadeem Shravan

Andolan Movie - Songs

Aayegi Har Pal Tujhe Meri Yaad

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