Angrezi Mein Kehte Hain - 2018


It's the story about YASHWANT BATRA a 54 year old simple man; making an honest attempt to win the heart of his wife Kiran whom he never cared for (or she thought so) It is very unlike his character to do all the mushy romantic things that normally a young man is expected to do.
It's about the mismatched couple who got married due to family force. It's about realization that living together is not enough and expressing that love is equally important. Yashwant learns it the hard way when his wife decides to separate.
Yashwant finds it hard to live alone in the Banaras house that was once filled with his wife and daughter's laughter, now the silence is very painful as it brings back the old memories of their smile and the echo of their laughter. After Kiran leaves him he becomes aware of how she nurtured his life and how he took her for granted
The magical charms of Banaras along with his jolly hearted son-in-law JUGUNU and his own daughter PREETI makes him realize that even old lanes meet a new road someday! And like that even the old fashioned Yashwant tries to bring in the new romance in his married life that was missing from it - forever!
It's his journey through the old lanes of Banaras to discover his love for his wife and realizing that if it's about saying 'I Love You' than it is never too late to say 'I LOVE YOU'. It's about this mismatched couple finding love, eventually in their hard ridden day to day lives.

Cast & Crew

Harish Vyas
Manav Malhotra
Onir, Adil
Yogesh, Pradeep Sharma

Angrezi Mein Kehte Hain Movie - Songs

Meri Ankhein

Aaj Rang Hai

Tera Hua Main Jab Se

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