Anjaam - 1994


Vijay Agnihotri (Shahrukh Khan) is a wealthy, spoilt man who lives with his mother in the city of Mumbai. His outlook to life is simple: whatever he wants he gets. He meets Shivani Chopra (Madhuri Dixit) and falls in love with her. He constantly pursues her, but she is not interested. He does not give up and tells his mother that he wants to marry her. The day he and his mother go to give the proposal, they witness Shivani's wedding to Ashok Chopra (Deepak Tijori). Vijay is heartbroken and tries his best to forget about her.

Fate brings Shivani and Vijay together again and this time he does not want to let go. He begins to make his move on Shivani's life and family. The cracks begin to show and it comes to a head when Ashok slaps Shivani and she leaves the house in distress. Vijay sees all this and severely beats Ashok, leaving him unconscious. Vijay removes Ashok's oxygen mask, therefore killing him. With the help of his friend Inspector Arjun Singh (Kiran Kumar), he manages to provide an alibi and Shivani is unable to prove her story. Vijay visits Shivani and asks her just to say "I love you" to him. When she does not say it he snaps and beats her up, and at the same time frames her for his attempted murder. With no proof, she is separated from her daughter and sent to jail.

The hardship of jail is made easier for her, by her cell mate Nisha (Himani Shivpuri). Her life turns into hell when she finds out that her sister and daughter were chucked out the house by her brother in law (Tinnu Anand). They are later killed in a car accident, the driver being Vijay. The cruel treatment by the prison warden (Kalpana Iyer), compels Shivani to make a complaint. It proves costly and she loses her unborn child, due to the beating she suffers from the prison warden. Shivani decides that it is time to take matters into her own hands and she murders the prison warden. Eventually, she is released from jail.
Angry by the fact that her sister and daughter were treated cruelly by her brother in law, she decides to pay him one last visit. She meets him and kills him. Arjun Singh, already suspicious of Shivani, realises she is linked with his death. He confronts and attacks her, but she kills him instead. She then goes to Vijay's house and learns that he no longer lives there.

With nowhere else to go she decides to join a hospice and to her shock finds Vijay, disabled by the car accident which killed her sister and daughter. She decides to help Vijay get better and it is not long before he recognizes who it is that is caring for him . Vijay, now able to move and talk tells her that her life leads her to him and he asks her to say "I love you". Shivani hesitates and opens her arms to Vijay. He hugs her but stumbles back and to his horror sees that Shivani has actually stabbed him. She says she made him better for one purpose: to kill him. The film ends with Shivani hanging from a cliff and Vijay hanging from her foot. He says that if he dies then she will have to die as well. Shivani, replies that her living is not necessary as long as he dies, she lets go and both fall to their deaths together.

Cast & Crew

Rahul Rawail
Rajat Rawail, Maharukh Jukhi, R K Nayyar, Rita Rawail
Anand Chitragupt, Milind Chitragupt

Anjaam Movie - Songs

Badi Mushkil Hai Khoya Mera Dil Hai

Chane Ke Khet Mein

Tu Samne Jab Aata Hai

Kolhapur Se Aayi Hoon

Barson Ke Baad Aayi Mujhko Yaad

Pratighat Ki Jwala

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